Go Green with Diamonds in Detergent?

Who knew that one of the best kept and most eco-friendly grease-fighting laundry secrets has to do with jewelry?  Or, at least the diamonds that make up the jewelry.

Scientists have discovered that adding minuscule diamonds to conventional laundry detergent results in better grease-cutting performance at much lower water temperatures.

You might guess that this eco-friendly laundry solution probably comes at a high price, but you’d be wrong. Nanodiamonds have been used commercially for years and are relatively inexpensive.

If we assume a typical laundry load requires 100g (3.5 ounces) of detergent and nanodiamonds make up 0.1 percent of the mix, at today’s prices the diamond-enhanced detergent would cost an extra $1 per wash. That may seem to be a high price to pay, but scientists believe that bulk buying could bring the price down to 10 cents extra per load.

In one study, double the amount of grease was removed in a 77 degree Fahrenheit wash when diamond dust was used. Common detergents, by comparison, require water temperatures between 140 and 194 degrees Fahrenheit to get out tough stains. Researchers believe the diamonds’ rough surface could help to rub grease and fat from materials.

Nanodiamonds are created by exploding synthetically produced diamonds to create miniscule particles that are less than 1/10,000th the diameter of a human hair.

Nanodiamonds have been the darling of the science community for years, as researchers work on new ways to use a product with amazing characteristics. The strength of nanodiamonds is on par with Teflon; they are wear resistant, corrosion resistant, have the lubricating power of oil and the physical characteristics of rubber, according to International Science Times.

In the medical field, they’ve been used in cancer treatments. In the industrial fields, nanodiamonds have been used as polishing material, additives to engine oil, lubricants for metal and fillers for plastics and rubbers.

What’s next for jewelry stores?  Do you think we should also get into the business of selling diamond-laced detergent?  If you want a more traditional form of diamond, we encourage you to visit the Ben David Jewelers Diamond Superstore.

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