When you are thinking of selling gold pendants for scrap gold, you will need to watch the price per gram rate daily.

Gold Price per Gram Going Up This Month

The gold price per gram has been on the incline in September, 2016. However, will the price continue to rise or will it crash? That is the question many are nervously debating in the gold market.

Gold Price per Gram in the USA

The month of September has been quite stable with a steady small rise in the gold price per gram. However, the increase in price has been quite slight. The beginning of the month started at 45.98 and started an increase that went up to a high of 47.70 on the 6th of September. Then it quickly started its drop down to 46.16, proving once again that whatever goes up must go down. It has been on the incline since, but it is more of a slow inching up. All in all, the variation of price really isn’t all that dramatic and it has been fairly stable.

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Strawberry Gold and Chocolate Diamond Ring by Le Vian

Will it Crash?

Gold prices are known for their volatility. There have been very wild swings earning many people loads of cash on the upswings and wiping people out when it drops. This is a dangerous game, but a very exciting one. For the average person that is only waiting to sell their scrap gold, is it getting worse or better?

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Red Garnet Ring with Chocolate and White Diamonds by Le Vian

The gold price per gram is very stable right now. It is quite steady with very small fluctuations. However, if you glance at the past year’s data then you can see it is on a very large upswing. The price is dancing at the top of the chart and this means it will very likely go down. If you are waiting for the best price for gold to turn your gold for cash, then now is the safest time to do it. Ben David Jewelers gives a very fair price per gram for your old gold jewelry and scrap gold. Stop by anytime to find out what your gold is worth.