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Gold Value Drove Desires for Gold Jewelry

Gold value is high because people love it so much. People love it so much because the value of gold is high. For thousands of years this has been the metal that is so treasured that people have given up their lives in pursuit of it. Today people think of gold as a modern metal, not something ancient people would have been able to make jewelry with. Oh, but they did.

Gold Value

If you remove all the ways we’re inundated with colors, lights, sounds and videos, just strip it all away, you’d find a very quiet world. We would be surrounded with landscapes with little more than drab greys, browns and greens. Then picture adding the sparkle and intensely deep yellow gold. It must have been awe-inspiring. And the gold fever began, driving up gold value.

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Gold was worn as jewelry as far back as 5000 BCE, as best as we can tell. It is quite likely before that, but so far we have found the evidence in Egyptian culture only that far back. As time went on, gold was used for other things like currency, religious or ceremonial items and about 3000 years ago it was used in dentistry. Animal teeth were wired into the mouth with gold wires to replace missing teeth. Today, we still use gold in all these areas plus some new fields like electronics.

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We tend to think of ancient civilizations to be not nearly as sophisticated as we are today, but in 1500 BCE, the Egyptians were purifying gold with a method using bone ash and nitric acid to remove all other metals from the pure gold, stabilizing gold value.

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