Halle Berry's New 4-Carat Emerald Engagement Ring Is Masked In Intrigue

By: Kelly York

Bucking the trend of recently engaged A-Listers, who chose princess or cushion-cut white diamonds in white metal settings, Halle Berry recently revealed her new 4-carat emerald engagement ring in a yellow gold setting. Fiancé Olivier Martinez told People and Us Weekly that the ring is "perfect" in a back story sprinkled with mystical elements of "The Da Vinci Code." According to Us Weekly, Martinez employed the assistance of Paris-based jeweler Robert Mazlo, who was instructed to "produce the most beautiful ring ever made." Mazlo said that money was no object and that he was to use only the best materials. Here is where the story gets mysterious. Apparently, the jeweler gave Martinez a 500-year-old "mystical alchemy test" to discern Berry's favorite shapes, colors, numbers and signs. The answers to seven mysterious questions were then "decoded" by Mazlo and placed in the ring. “The ring is textured and contains codes and symbols which you cannot see... only the person wearing it can," Mazlo told People. "It's very uncommon. The symbols and codes represent [their] story and only they can interpret it." The one-of-a-kind engagement ring features a vibrant 4-carat emerald center stone sourced from what are now "closed-down mines in Muzo, Colombia." The green hue of the emerald is ideal, according to Mazlo, with a "perfect" balance between blue and green. The emerald is flanked by two diamonds in a yellow-gold setting "forged according to ancient Phoenician tradition," according to the designer. Visit Ben David Jewelers on Facebook Visit BenDavidJewelers.com