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He Ends the Oklahoma Marathon on Bended Knee, But It’s Not Because of Exhaustion

C.J. Wise and Elizabeth Daves say they do pretty much everything together. In fact, when the couple took part in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon on Sunday in matching orange t-shirts, it was their third time running 26.2 miles together. After crossing the finish line, Daves was in the for shock of her life when her boyfriend went down to one knee – but it wasn’t from exhaustion.

The local police officer asked his police dispatcher girlfriend to be his wife. Once Daves got over the initial shock, she said “yes.”

Wise ran all 26.2 miles with the ring in his pocket. “The last mile I got it out and was holding it. Once we crossed the finish line, that’s when I did it,” Wise told Koco.com.

Wise presented his bride-to-be with a classic three-stone engagement ring. The Victorian design has become a favorite for modern couples in recent years. The rich symbolism of one stone for the past, one for the present, and one for the future makes the three-stone ring the ideal choice for couples to proclaim that their love will stand the test of time.

Although the three-stone design was first reintroduced to the American jewelry lover as an anniversary band, it was such a great look, and had so much symbolic resonance behind it, that it quickly moved to the A list among engagement ring styles with modern brides.

Typically, a three-stone ring worn as an engagement ring will have the middle diamond slightly raised and larger than the two stones that flank it. The police officer chose a split-shank style in white precious metal, accented with pavé diamonds.

“I was excited for the marathon,” said Wise, “but I was even more excited because I knew what was waiting at the end.”

On Sunday, Wise and Daves stayed together during the entire race and finished at the same time. Looks like this couple has many marathons in their future.

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