Hearts on Fire Cut of Their Extra Sparkly Diamonds

Hearts On Fire Cut Of Their Extra Sparkly Diamonds

By: Kelly York

The Hearts on Fire cut of their diamonds creates a lot of sparkle and it's known as their slogan “The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond.” And most jewelers will agree with that. But why this particular company’s diamond cut when there are so many diamond cutters out there?

Hearts on Fire Cut

The company Hearts on Fire feels that the Cut is the most important of a diamond’s 4 Cs (Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat). This is why they developed the Hearts on Fire cut. It is their opinion that your money should be spent on a perfect cut and put a lot less importance on the other Cs. In this way, you’ll get the same amount sparkle and brilliance, even if the color isn’t perfectly colorless or there are a couple of internal characteristics. Diamond engagement rings come in many styles like this one from Hearts on Fire. Aerial Petal Diamond Engagement Ring by Hearts on Fire If a diamond has an ineffective cut that leaves a lot of weight at the bottom (the pointy part of the diamond) then it will not reflect the light properly. This means that the diamond just won’t sparkle as well as a Hearts on Fire diamond. These bottom heavy diamonds with a poor cut also look a lot smaller than they are. You might have a 2-carat diamond, but people will think it is a lot less carats than that, because it looks small. A diamond bracelet is the perfect gift for a 30th wedding anniversary. Aerial Diamond Line Bracelet by Hearts on Fire So, if you want the very best diamond for your engagement ring, you’ll want to look at Hearts on Fire’s offerings. Their engagement rings come with the center diamond of your choice set in the ring. You’ll usually have a choice of which diamond, the Signature or the Sensational diamond. These choices give you some control on the color of the diamond, if that choice is important to you. Stop by today so that we can show you these beautiful diamonds in person.