This beautiful pair of earrings has the powerful sparkle of Hearts on Fire diamonds.
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Why Hearts on Fire Diamonds Have That Incredible Sparkle

Hearts on Fire diamonds are usually only one of two cuts: round and square. The reason is that they have that special, blinding sparkle and these cuts support that incredible sparkle the best.

Hearts on Fire Diamonds

Hearts on Fire diamonds are from only the top 1/10th of 1% of all of the rough diamonds on the planet. This is a diamond company that is creating only the very best sparkle and that begins with only a very special white diamond.

A perfect ring of hearts is inside every diamond they cut. This ring is made up of eight hearts and they dance around inside the diamond. You can see this when you look at your diamond with a jewelers loupe. This diamond will sparkle better than other diamonds because it is formed perfectly symmetrical on the top and perfectly formed on the bottom of the gemstone. This gives you both the ring of hearts and that blinding, brilliant sparkle for which the Hearts of Fire diamonds are famous.

Beaded Cross in gold designed by Hearts on Fire.
Charmed Horizontal Beaded Cross

When a diamond has a typical cut, it is inferior to the Heart on Fire diamond cut. The inferior cut leaks out light. Light should go downward into the pavilion of the diamond and reflect it back out of the top, creating that incredible sparkle. If the light leaks out in an inferior diamond cut then much of the sparkle is lost. The light is lost before it can be reflected out of the top. This can happen if the diamond has too shallow of cut, also.

Rose Gold ring designed by Hearts on Fire.
The Enchantment Diamond Ring Designed by Hearts on Fire

Ben David Jewelers

At Ben David Jewelers, we carry all of the wonderful designer brands of jewelry that our customer love and have come to expect. Hearts of Fire is one of those brands that produce beautiful designs of rings, bridal jewelry, pendants, bracelets and earrings. Stop by today so that we can help you try on some of your favorites.