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Homemade Jewelry Cleaner for Your Engagement Ring

This Levian Chocolate diamond ring also has one of their fiery red diamonds!
LeVian Model #YPEV-4 Featuring Red and Chocolate Diamonds

Making homemade jewelry cleaner is surprisingly simple. There are some things you should avoid, however, especially when trying to clean gemstones. Some of the cleaners on the market are something you should not use.

Homemade Jewelry Cleaner

It is always better to use a homemade jewelry cleaner than to use a sonic jewelry cleaner. It seems like a great idea to have this little machine right at home instead of having to run to the jeweler every time you want to clean your diamond engagement ring, right? Well, wrong. These machines are wonderful for cleaning heavy grime off of precious metals and gemstones. The problem is, they are overkill for your light duty of a quick cleaning. The jeweler will always be able to inspect gems, settings and prevent the gems from getting chipped. You will not be able to do these things and might end up knocking a diamond lose from your ring. So, it is better to use a simple, but a little messier way to clean your jewelry.

The setting is marquise shaped and filled with large diamonds.
Desire Regal Diamond Engagement Ring by Hearts on Fire

To clean your diamond engagement ring or other jewelry you’ll need to soak it first. Put warm water in a little bowl and add a couple of drops of Dawn dishwashing detergent. Let it soak for a half an hour. Have your handy jewelry brush ready (your old, soft toothbrush that you saved for this) and gently scrub your ring, taking care to brush the back of the setting as well.

When the soapy part is finished, drop the jewelry into a little mesh strainer. Hold this mesh strainer under the cold water to rinse the jewelry. The strainer will keep you from losing any gemstones that have become loose in the setting.

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0430DCU-TT from the Verragio Couture Collection

Place your diamond engagement ring or other jewelry onto a little towel and pat dry. You can clean your ring with this homemade jewelry cleaner every couple of weeks. Be sure to take your rings into Ben David Jewelers several times per year to have them professionally cleaned. They will also inspect the prongs that hold the gemstones to make sure they are still doing their job properly.

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