How to Include Your Pet in Your Marriage Proposal

How To Include Your Pet In Your Marriage Proposal

By: Kelly York

If you and your significant other have a pet then chances are it is a pretty important member of your family. So why leave them out of this important milestone? Why not include your pet in your proposal? Here are some ideas on how to include them!

A Marriage Proposal Can Include Your Pet

Go for the classic and tie the ring around it’s neck. Let the little guy or girl be the one to deliver the exciting news. If you don’t trust your pet with an expensive ring, then you could always tie a note to their collar with the message “Will you marry me?” Using Your Pet When You Pop the Question Including Your Pet In Your Marriage Proposal If your dog is trustworthy and well-trained, act like you all are going to play a game of fetch. When the dog goes to fetch the ball, he or she could come back with the ring box instead! She’ll never expect the pooch to bring that back. How to include your dog in your marriage proposal. Include Your Dog When You Propose You could suggest going on a hike with your future bride and dog! This ideas does not require the dog to be responsible for any part of the proposal but they can still be there for that special moment. Including your do in your marriage proposal. Including Your Pet When You Pop the Question If you have a bird, teach it to say “Will You Marry Me?” She will definitely look twice when she hears that come out of the birds mouth!