Keeping Jewelry and Watches Safe When Traveling

Tips on how to keep your jewelry and watches from being stolen while on vacation
Protect Your Jewelry and Watches

Keeping jewelry and watches safe from theft when traveling can be tricky business. Of course you want to look great when on vacation, so you want to take everything with you. But, if you decide to leave all your most valuable jewelry at home, is it safe while you’re away? Here are some hints and tips to keep your favorite gems safe while you’re traveling.

Take Jewelry and Watches to the Bank

When you are traveling outside of the country or on just a week’s vacation a little closer to home, keeping your jewelry and watches at home might not be the best idea. Most of the time, burglars will watch a home before breaking in. If you are gone for several days, it will be obvious. So, it is better to take your small valuables to your safe deposit box at your bank while you travel.

Suitcases and Airport Security

More and more we hear about suitcases being searched by TSA and valuables being pocketed while they search. Putting your jewelry in your suitcase is no longer a safe option. It might not be stolen, but there is a possibility it will be either stolen during a search or your luggage could be lost by the airlines. So, it is better to wear your jewelry and watches until you get to your destination.

In security lines, do not put your jewelry and watches into the tray, wear them. Those trays that go through the scanner are not watched and anyone can pick up your jewelry while you are being distracted by TSA. If your jewelry is large and sets off the metal detector then ask for a private room pat down so that you do not get separated from your valuables.

Do Not Disturb

When you leave your hotel room, always put out the “Do Not Disturb” tag on your door. This will give the maids and the potential thief the idea that someone is still in the room. Of course, it is better to not leave anything valuable in the room, but there are times when it has to be done. This little trick could save your room from a burglary or a maid with sticky fingers.

The Hotel Secured Vault

Using the hotel’s vault or two key safety deposit box at the hotel is far more secure than the little safe inside your room. If your only option is the safe inside your room, it is better to use that than leaving your jewelry and watches out in the open or in your suitcase.

Wearing Your Jewelry and Watches in a Foreign City

When you are on vacation and walking around sightseeing, it is best that you keep your valuable jewelry locked up. If you must wear some, such as your engagement ring, for example, keep the stone turned inward so that people cannot see the gemstones. In some cities in the world it is considered crazy and asking for trouble to wear any jewelry or watches in public. These items are usually put on at your destination and not worn while driving or walking there. To do so is only inviting a mugging. Watch the locals and see if they are wearing jewelry, or ask at your hotel about the local custom.

Double Check Your Insurance Policy

Before leaving on your trip, give your insurance agent a call to find out if your jewelry and watches are covered for theft or loss. There might be some things you need to do in order to be reimbursed in the case of loss such as photographing it or getting an insurance appraisal. It is best to be prepared for the worst scenario and you’ll worry a little bit less.

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