Jewelry Is A Gift That Lasts Forever

By: Kelly York

Monogram ring jewelry with open style Monogram Ring in Open Style Jewelry is always being unearthed that was created many thousands of years ago. When you give a gift of a ring, bracelet or necklace, it just might exist for thousands of years. Fashions come and go, but we will always want gold we will always wear gold, silver, and platinum jewelry.


Hearts of Fire diamond bracelet Aerial Diamond Bracelet by Hearts of Fire Ben David Jewelers understands that the ladies in the greater Danville area want only the best in jewelry. Whether it be rings, bracelets, earrings or pendants, only real gold, silver or platinum will do. Sure, you can skimp a little bit on gemstones and maybe go with cubic zirconia instead of a real diamond, but the metal it is made from had better be precious.

Designer Jewelry Brands

14k White Gold Engagement Ring Engagement Ring - True Romance - 14k White Gold - RM1377 You can have your very own ring designed by the Master Jeweler at Ben David Jewelers, but you can also purchase some of the finest, designer jewelry on the market. Ben David Jewelers carries all the big names in jewelry design. So, can have unique, gorgeous rings, necklaces and bracelets that are loaded with diamonds or other gemstones to adorn your body like a queen of days of old.

LeVian Jewelers

This ring can be purchased in Danville, Eden, South Boston and Martinsville at Ben David Jewelers. Cush 'N Pillow Diamond Ring with Chocolate Diamonds Jewelry designed by the designer jewelry brand LeVian will oftentimes include colored diamonds. They are the jewelry designer that coined the name “Chocolate Diamond” for brown diamonds and made them popular in the retail marketplace. Up until LeVian, brown diamonds were considered worthless and used only in industrial applications. Now, their beauty has been revealed and women are wearing them in their rings and earrings.

Hearts on Fire

Give a right hand ring gift of a Hearts on Fire diamond ring. Hearts on Fire Lorelei Dome Ring makes a beautiful, right hand ring gift. Hearts on Fire is famous for their cut of diamonds as well as their fabulous jewelry designs. They have many collections to choose from in engagement rings, weddings bands, right hand rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants. When you want something that is top of the line and your budget is no object, it is Hearts on Fire that you want to browse.

Adorn Your Wife like Ancient Royalty

Ring Choose a Ring for a Gift Your wife is so very special and when you’re shopping for a gift, you should show it in the jewelry you select for her. We know that ancient people adorned themselves in beautiful jewelry made with precious metals. So, give your wife the gift that will last forever. If gold was good enough for ancient royals, it might be good enough for your wife, too.