Jewelry Repair Rescues Treasures from Obscurity

Jewelry Repair Rescues Treasures From Obscurity

By: Kelly York

Jewelry repair, done right, can take away the heartbreak of a broken clasp, loose stone or missing earring post. A skilled jeweler guides you through not only fixing the obvious flaws, but will also check for underlying structural faults so endless repairs aren’t a constant threat.

Jewelry Repair Shouldn’t Intimidate

Many postpone or altogether forgo jewelry repair, fearing either expense or that a piece will never recapture its original look or feel. On the contrary, most experienced jewelers can repair pieces to original form with little or no design alterations. If damage is too extensive or a flaw falls within the original piece’s design, many jewelers are skilled designers in their own right. They often provide creative alternatives and options that bring new life to an old piece. John Hardy designs men's jewelry like this Naga bracelet. Legends Naga 15MM Station Bracelet by John Hardy At times, repairs need to go beyond the obvious issues. One loose or fallen stone may indicate a natural aging or wear and tear on prongs. When this is the case, your rogue stone may be the first of many to come. A process called retipping remains one of the most common repairs. In this process, prongs that are worn – yet not completely worn down – receive a soldered wire or metal bead at the tip to strengthen them. This often adds years to a piece’s life. More importantly, it gives the owner confidence to wear a piece again. No more fears of crawling on the ground looking for lost stones! John Hardy designs men's sterling silver bracelets. Palu Large Gourmette Chain ID Bracelet Jewelry repairs in Danville, VA, just like the care of a mechanic or physician, requires skills, trust and confidence. A reputable jeweler holds proper certifications and will always provide you with references. So if you’re ready to wear those special pieces instead of mourning them, let the repair specialists at Ben David Jewelers return them to their full glory.