Let’s Take a Light-Hearted Look Back at a Pivotal Point of the Presidential Campaign When Lapel Jewelry Took Center Stage

With the U.S. Presidential election finally decided – congratulations to Barack Obama – we thought it would be good fun to return to a pivotal point of the hard-fought campaign when lapel jewelry took center stage.

The first presidential debate in early October between President Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney clearly turned the tide of the campaign, as Romney earned a 5-point bump in national polls. Romney was confident and aggressive, while the President seemed passive and disinterested.

While the two politicians traded barbs on the big stage at the University of Denver and in front of a national television audience of 60 million, you may have also noticed that the lights shone brightly on the American flag lapel pins that both combatants proudly wore. Although the pins were similar in design, they were also very different.

As the debate wore on, the chatter on Twitter diverted from policy positions and body language to the relative size of both flags and a curious “blob” on Romney’s pin.

Arianna Huffington, editor of the Huffington Post, tweeted, “Romney’s American flag lapel pin is bigger than Obama’s.”

“Romney’s got a bigger flag pin. Game over,” tweeted Reuter’s Anthony De Rosa.

“Romney’s flag pin is 47% bigger than Obama’s,” tweeted another viewer.

In addition to the size difference, many viewers also noticed a small “blob” in the center of Romney’s flag pin. Some thought it was in the shape of a heart. Others thought it might be a star.

The mystery was solved by an Associated Press writer, who tweeted, “Romney’s lapel pin has the Secret Service logo – a star – on it. The Secret Service agents who protect him gave it to him. #Election2012.”

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