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Wedding Venue Ideas

One of the biggest decisions you will face with your wedding is undoubtedly your venue. Imagine your perfect day, all of your family and friends surrounding you as you walk down the aisle. You want everything to be just right. Your wedding venue is the bigger picture, this is one of  the most important details you must figure out without procrastination.

So many details, so little time! Where do you see yourself when you picture your wedding day? This is the idea that will help you find the perfect wedding venue. Let’s take a look at some places around the area to get married!

The Gentry Farm Wedding Venue

The Gentry Farm is located in Ringgold,VA and is a very popular wedding venue. This beautiful barn can comfortably accommodate up to 400 guests making it the perfect place to hold a large guest list. The barn has a built in saloon, wedding hall, and even a bridal quarter for you to use to dress. After your reception, you can even chose to stay in the honeymoon quarters. Prices depend on whether you are planning a weekday or weekend wedding, how long your even is anticipated to last, and whether or not you chose to stay after the reception. More photos and contact info available at www.thegentryfarm.com


Cloverdale Quarters Venue

Just down the road from the Gentry Farm is another great wedding venue. Cloverdale Quarters offers a similar rustic and homey feel. Cloverdale offers wide open fields for a beautiful spring, summer or fall wedding. It is complete with a full kitchen for catering, fireplaces, and bridal quarters for wedding preparation.  A projection screen is available and great for use in displaying old photos or home videos. Whether you chose a covered patio wedding or one in a spacious field, Cloverdale is a stunning backdrop for your special day. Contact info and additional photos available at www.cloverdalequarters.com

A Home Wedding

Perhaps one of the most underused wedding venues is right in your backyard! You, your parents, or a family member may have some stunning views that are certainly to be considered. Everything you need is at your disposal, no worries if you forget a hairbrush or makeup! There are rooms to get ready in for both bride and groom and there are no limits to how you can decorate your ceremony! Everyone feels welcome and comfortable at home. No fees, no deposits, and no need to worry about time constraints. If you haven’t considered this option, give it a thought!

Your Wedding Day

In short, whatever venue you chose will make your day one to remember. You can stay in town, get out and have a destination wedding on the beach, or simply stay right at home in your backyard. Your day is just that, your day!


Happy planning!


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