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LeVian Chocolate Diamond Ring

This Levian Chocolate diamond ring also has one of their fiery red diamonds!
LeVian Model #YPEV-4 Featuring Red and Chocolate Diamonds

LeVian is one of those designer jewelry brands that really stand out. They are famous for so many things in fine jewelry, but one of the latest things is their LeVian Chocolate Diamond Ring. LeVian is the jeweler that brought the brown diamond to the jewelry market and named it Chocolate.

LeVian Chocolate Diamond Ring

LeVian makes so many gorgeous jewelry pieces with chocolate diamonds that it is difficult to pick just one LeVian Chocolate Diamond ring here in this blog post. So, here are a few to admire and dream of trying on your own hand.

Chocolate Cravings

This diamond ring has an open design and features white and chocolate diamonds.
Chocolate Cravings Diamond Ring from LeVian

Chocolate Cravings is the trademark name on this LeVian Chocolate Diamond ring. The ring features yellow gold and a row of chocolate diamonds outlining the top and the bottom of the ring. In the middle of the ring is an open design featuring white diamonds in leaf or peapod-like settings. A double row of chocolate diamonds curves through the open middle of the ring.

Sinuous Swirl

A chocolate and white diamond ring designed by LeVian.
Sinuous Swirl by LeVian Jewelers

Sinuous Swirl features lots of interwoven swirls and a circle enveloping the center chocolate diamond. It is a beautiful combination of white diamonds and chocolate diamonds in the swirls. The white swirls really brighten up the ring.

SUGC2 LeVian Chocoate Diamond Ring Set

LeVian designs rings with fancy colored diamonds also.
LeVian Chocolate Diamond Ring Set Featuring a Blue Diamond

This is a unique wedding band and engagement ring set by LeVian. It features a powder blue diamond that is outlined by white diamonds. The band has the white diamonds outlining the top and bottom of the band, while the middle of band is loaded with chocolate diamonds. It comes as a set with a matching wedding band.

LeVian Trunk Show

There is an upcoming LeVian Trunk Show at Ben David Jewelers. This big event is scheduled for May 3rd, 2016, and will run between 10am and 7pm. You will need to be pre-registered to attend the LeVian Trunk Show.

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