Lockets for Women from Ben David Jewelers

Exquisite Baby Lockets from Kittie Kraft

Ben David Jewelers stocks lockets for women in their Danville, VA, location. One of the designers they carry is Rembrandt Charms. This charm company makes beautiful lockets in addition to their gigantic charm collections.

Lockets for Women

Giving a locket as a gift is a way to tell a woman that you love her. She can insert little photos of you or her children inside her locket. The heart-shaped pendant will keep those photos close to her own heart all day long.

Locket for women by Rembrandt Charms.
Bautizo Heart Locket #90005571

Rembrandt Charms makes more than just charms. They have a couple of very pretty, feminine lockets for the lady in your life. These lockets for women are available in your choice of sterling silver, gold plate, yellow or white gold in 14K and yellow gold in 10K.

Where to Buy

Ben David Jewelers carries many designer jewelry brands in their fine jewelry store in Danville, VA. The lockets that are shown on this blog post were designed and created by Rembrandt Charms. There will probably be several designer brand choices available to browse when you stop into the store.

Locket in gold or sterling silver by Rembrandt Charms.
Heart Locket by Rembrandt Charms

Ben David Jewelers is known for their extremely large bridal section stocked with all the famous designer brands. But, they are much more than just a fine jeweler for brides and grooms. They carry many different types of fine jewelry. The brands are in a wide range of very affordable rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings for those on a very tight budget to fine jewelry for those who don’t need to ask the price.

Ben David Jewelers carries women's lockets.
Heart Locket by Rembrandt Charms

If you didn’t get the locket for women that you had your heart set on for Christmas, stop by today and browse the beautiful choices at Ben David Jewelers. Our helpful staff will bring out all the choices for you to browse and try on.

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