A Marriage Is Always Happier Starting Out Debt Free

A Marriage Is Always Happier Starting Out Debt Free

By: Kelly York

When you’re engaged and about to start your marriage together, keep in mind that couples tend to be a lot happier when free of debt. While you might not realize it now, it can take a good long time to pay off some of the debts you run up to get married and have a honeymoon. Actually, it could take 10 – 20 years to be completely free of those loans. So, how can you avoid borrowing, but still have the wedding you want?

Marriage for Beginners

When you’re young, you feel like you can do anything. Most couples don’t think through the details. But when it comes to money problems, the #1 reason couples divorce, you have to make sure you don’t create any debt unnecessarily. Hearts on Fire made this delicate, pear-shaped setting ring. Aerial Beaded Stackable Band by Hearts on Fire This means that you’ll need to create a realistic budget and think it through. Then you will need to keep to it. You’ll have to settle for a luxurious bed and breakfast near home for your honeymoon rather than that sweet, Hawaiian paradise, possibly. If money is tight, you’ll need to ask yourself if all those guests are necessary or if you can have a less expensive buffet rather than a served dinner at the reception. Hearts on Fire brand of engagement rings that are part of the wedding ring set. A Collection of Engagement Rings from Hearts on Fire When you’re deciding the budget, the first thing you’ll need to do is to decide which parts of the wedding is most important. Maybe in discussing each part of the wedding, you’ll find that both of you would prefer a very small wedding in a beautiful setting. The bride might want a very large engagement ring, but wouldn’t mind renting the wedding dress. Talking through the details and coming up with a plan on how to stay on budget will be your first large challenge to get through.

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