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Celebrate Your Marriage with a June Wedding

ArtCarved has many beautiful engagement ring to celebrate your marriage.
“Anja” Designed by ArtCarved

Marriage is a beautiful thing and if you have been married for a long time, maybe it is time to renew your vows. This is your big opportunity to become a June bride, have that dream wedding you couldn’t do the first time around and get that fabulous engagement ring you wish was yours.


Your marriage has been good for you. You’ve raised your children and are still in love as much as you were the day you married. So, celebrate that! Plan a big, beautiful renew your vows ceremony and include all the trappings you could not include for your original wedding.

Maybe your wedding wasn’t on the beach like you wanted, or you couldn’t find a horse drawn carriage like you dreamed of having. Well, now is your chance to live out that wedding ceremony that you had spent years thinking about as a young girl. Oh, and don’t forget the amazing engagement ring you wanted.

The Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring was probably a lot smaller than you would have liked if you entered into marriage when young. But now that you and your husband are financially stable and the kids are out of college, you can afford something more like what you had in mind as a teen. Would you like a ring finger that is just dripping with diamonds? Well, now you can.

Verragio Engagement Rings

Verragio Engagement rings
From the Couture Collection of Verragio

Verragio is a great brand to take a look at if you are looking for lots and lots of diamonds in your engagement ring. Many of their engagement rings are available in white gold, yellow gold and platinum. They have several collections to browse including, Parisian, Venetian, and four others. Whatever style of ring you’re looking for to celebrate your marriage, they will have it if you want a lot of diamonds.

ArtCarved Engagement Rings

ArtCarved has many beautiful engagement ring choices
“Marin” Designed by ArtCarved

ArtCarved also makes engagement rings with a lot of diamonds. But this designer jewelry brand makes sleeker, classic styles, as well. They have a good variety of diamond rings. Like Verragio, with ArtCarved you get to pick out the main diamond in the setting. You can use a diamond or you can put another favorite gemstone into the setting.

LeVian Jewelers

Chocolate Diamond Rings by LeVian.
Diamond Ring Designed by LeVian Jewelers Featuring a Light Chocolate Diamond

LeVian Jewelers is the brand to use when you want a colored diamond. They specialize in designing beautiful rings around diamonds that are pink, brown, blue and shades in between. It is easy to find something highly unusual and unique in their collections. They have many different collections that usually feature a particular color of diamond.

Celebrating Your Marriage

One of the most beautiful ways to celebrate your long marriage is to reaffirm your vows. There is plenty of time to start planning for a June wedding. Have that dream wedding you weren’t able to have when you were young. Ben David Jewelers is there to help you celebrate your love and family. Congratulations!

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