When Marriage Proposal Ideas Go Horribly Wrong

When a guy actually does his marriage proposal, here is a list of things to not do.

She Accidentally Flings the Engagement Ring Into the Lake

Whoops! Watch as our bride-to-be accidentally knocks the engagement ring out of her man’s hand and into the lake! Yikes.  This is now a classic in the marriage proposal ideas category. Don’t try this at home, kids.

Just Say… No?

Not all girls are in love with the guys they’ve been dating as the several parts of this video attests. Before trying one of these marriage proposal ideas, you might ask yourself if this love affair might be all in your head? Or, maybe if you are not 100% sure she is eagerly awaiting your proposal then rethink the very public proposal? I don’t know, it is just a thought, but if you think she could say no then don’t sign up for a proposal on live television, on the court of a live basketball game or in a mall.

Up, Up and Away

Ah, such a cute and romantic idea in the genre of marriage proposal ideas – tie the engagement ring to a gift balloon. Unfortunately, that pretty balloon was filled with helium. And when she heard his proposal she did what every red-blooded girl will do. She threw up her hands and covered her mouth in shock, setting free the balloon and the engagement ring.

Fake Out Move

OK, then there is the fake-out move of the marriage proposal ideas to test the waters, so to speak. Apparently, this guy saw the first video and wanted to capture all that fun of losing the ring in the lake. However, he wasn’t dumb enough to lose the engagement ring in the lake.

Marriage Proposal Ideas

If you’d like to propose, stop into Ben David Jewelers and we’ll help you come up with a bulletproof – or rocky boat proof – plan. We love to help come up with marriage proposal ideas and try to steer you in a better direction than some of these poor guys.

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