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Men’s Rings to Browse before the Wedding Ceremony

With men's rings you can go it alone or match the bride's.
Men’s Wedding Band MV-6N17HM by Verragio

Men’s rings don’t get a lot of attention, because everyone is usually focused on the bride’s engagement ring. But, men need a wedding ring, too, and it will need to be ready in time for the wedding. Here are a few brands to explore to get you thinking of what you might like for the groom.

You need to try on many men's wedding rings to find just the right one.
Model VW-7012 by Verragio for Men

Men’s Rings

Browsing men’s rings isn’t as flashy as browsing all those diamonds in the engagement rings. But, it has its interesting moments. First, you’ll need to decide if you will be going with bride and groom matching rings. Then decide which materials it needs to be made from. Lastly, think about if it will be with or without a gemstone. Once you’ve figured out these points then it will be easier to narrow down certain brands of men’s rings to browse.

Men’s wedding bands are made from a variety of different metals. You can go with traditional gold, but some men don’t like the fact that it easily scratches or dents. Also, it will easily conduct electricity, which is dangerous for a man that works with electrical currents or works on his car. So, finding a metal that doesn’t have those concerns, such as stainless steel, carbonized steal or titanium, might be better choices.

Some men's rings feature a single white diamond.
Model VWD-6928 by Verragio

You can find men’s wedding bands that are without a gemstone, but many of these rings come with a single, small white diamond. Diamonds do require a bit of care from time to time. You will need to have the diamond’s setting checked periodically to ensure it is still holding the stone tightly. Whether to use a gemstone is purely a personal choice. If the groom enjoys a little bit of flash, then a gemstone is definitely for him.

Where to Browse

Ben David Jewelers carries all the major designer brands of men’s rings. They also have one of the largest bridal sections in a fine jewelry store in the Danville, VA, area. Stop by today to pick out your ring, so you’ll have it in plenty of time before the wedding.

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