Pandora Bracelets Just Released for Summer 2016

Pandora jewelery is available through Ben David Jewelers in Danville, VA.
Pandora Bracelets for Summer

Pandora bracelets are still highly prized by women all over the world. This summer is no different. These new summertime charms and bracelets are going to be a huge hit this year.

Pandora Bracelets

Any occasion is the right occasion to wear a Pandora bracelet. This season gives you wonderfully colorful and tropical choices to dress up your wardrobe. For summer, the charms are featuring a beautiful sea blue and pinks backed by silver. The bracelets in the Honeysuckle Pink or Light Blue leather wrap are perfect choices for a complementary color for the bead charms, but the regular silver works really well, also.

When you dream of returning to tropical islands or the Florida Gulf coastline for vacation, your Pandora bracelets will remind you get there this summer. When you’re in the store reaching for that item you know you can’t really afford, you’ll see your bracelet on your wrist. This will remind you that the money is better saved for the winter sunshine and warm waters surrounded with palm trees and tropical birds.

Tropical Charms

Ben David Jewelers carries all the Pandora bracelets.
Parrot Charm in Blues and Greens by Pandora

The Tropical Parrot is a particularly well-crafted charm for this summer. The charm is made from sterling silver and has light blue and green enamel detailing the feathers. The bird’s back and belly are encrusted with pretty blue crystals and a white crystal dots the eye. The parrot is hung by a round crystal embedded ring that attaches to your Pandora bracelet.

This sterling silver bracelet charm features colorful crystals.
Sterling Silver Watermelon Charm by Pandora

The Sterling Watermelon is also a beauty, adding muted colored crystals of red and green to your Pandora bracelets. This charm is made from bright, sterling silver that really sets off the colored crystals.

Ben David Jewelers

Ben David Jewelers is an authorized Pandora retailer and they will be carrying this summer collection of Pandora bracelets and charms. Stop by today to pick up something fun for summer.

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