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Pink Diamonds Used as Center Diamond in Engagement Ring

A photo of pink diamonds named The Pink Star
The Pink Star

Pink diamonds make beautiful engagement rings and can be used as the center diamond. Normally the center diamond in an engagement ring is a white diamond, but you can use a pink diamond to represent your love for your fiancé.

Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are a variation of red diamonds. The range is from a very light pink all the way to a very deep, blood red. Some of the red diamonds are mixed with a little bit of a blue color to make a violet, plum or purple color. These are natural diamonds. They haven’t been artificially grown to have this color. It is how they appear in nature.

LeVian designed red diamond ring.
Pink Diamond Ring designed by LeVian

A pink diamond isn’t always pink. When the diamond starts, it is clear and through its later years deep inside the earth it begins to turn pink. Exactly why it turns pink isn’t understood by scientists just yet. And it isn’t pink all the way through. It has areas within the diamond that are still clear. So, your pink diamond can have varying degrees of pink and even become a deeper red color.

Rings with pink diamonds are created by LeVian Jewelers.
A Pink and Violet Diamond Ring from LeVian

So, what this means to you is that your pink diamond is a lot more valuable than the clear diamond. Pink is a desirable defect that happens to some diamonds and so there are fewer of them to find. The Graff diamond sold for $46 million and weighed over 24 ct. You might be looking at far smaller pink diamonds than that one.

Where to Buy a Pink Diamond Ring

Pink diamonds are used in many of the rings designed by LeVian Jewelers and others. If Ben David Jewelers has pink diamonds in stock, they’d be happy to put one in your engagement ring setting. The finer engagement rings that you buy come without a center diamond in them. You get to pick out the exact diamond that you want to have placed in your ring. So, you can choose a pink diamond and they will set it in the ring for you.

Pink diamonds are sometimes called red diamonds because they are so dark pink.
A Dark Pink Diamond That Appears Red by LeVian Jewelers

Ben David Jewelers has a huge bridal section and they carry a lot of designer brands of engagement rings. The sales staff loves to help newly engaged couples pick out their wedding ring sets while they get to know you over some cookies and coffee. You can relax and browse, you’ll never be pushed into something you do not want or cannot afford. The sales staff is there to help you find exactly the right diamond engagement ring for you. If you want one with pink diamonds, they will help you find the perfect pink diamond engagement ring.

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