Places to Propose in Danville, VA

Places To Propose In Danville, VA

By: Kelly York

Do you live in the Danville, VA area? Are you looking to propose but don't know what to do? Well you are in luck! We have some ideas to help take the stress out of proposing.

Fun Ideas for Places to Propose Near Danville, VA

Is she into nature? Then the best places to propose are outdoors. Take her to Danville’s River Walk Trail to enjoy a gorgeous day. You’ll have a memorable day taking a walk together followed by a proposal with stunning scenery. Ideas on where to propose in Danville, VA. A Fun Place to Propose If she’s into Art, you could pop the question at the Danville Museum of Fine Art & History or Danvillian Gallery. The art will provide a beautiful backdrop for that special moment. Use the museum as a place to propose. Propose at the Danville Museum The Carrington Pavilion can seat almost 1,200 but you don’t need to have an audience for her to feel as if the proposal is a show. Even if no one is there once you get down on one knee, she will feel like she’s the star of her own show. The Carrington Pavilion Sometimes the best places to propose is in a nice restaurant. You could always go to one of Danville’s signature restaurants like Gold Leaf Bistro or Outback Steakhouse and propose over a nice meal. You can then have a glass of champagne to celebrate! Have your marriage proposal in a restaurant Propose in a Danville Restaurant Why not surprise her with a staycation? Book a room at the II Georges Inn for a nice getaway that does not require a lot of planning or stress. She’ll be so surprised and grateful to have a night away from home, she won’t think a proposal is coming! II Georges Inn

We Want to Help With Your Proposal Plan

We wish you all the happiness in your upcoming marriage. When you need some help coming up with just the right ideas and places to propose to your loved one, we'd love to help. Stop into Ben David Jewelers any time and we'll help you put together a memorable plan.