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Popular Engagement Rings and Trends

Hearts on Fire make popular diamond engagement rings.
The Most Popular Engagement Rings

It helps to look at the popular engagement rings that have sold in the past year to narrow down the field for selecting your own ring. One thing is certain about 2015, it was the classic solitaire engagement ring that was the most popular. There are many ways you can do the solitaire engagement ring to make it unique for you, but still be at the height of fashion trends.

Popular Engagement Rings

There are many solitaire styles of the popular engagement rings of last year. There is a lot of wiggle room with the solitaire that lets you stay trendy with current fashion.

There are many band options with a solitaire engagemnt ring.
Solitaire Engagement Rings by Hearts on Fire

Even though a thin band is usually seen with the popular solitaire engagement rings, it doesn’t have to be void of gems. You can fill that ring band with as many diamonds or sapphires that tickle your fancy. Some ladies enjoy a smooth band look that brings all the focus to the huge center solitaire diamond. Others want to have as much bling as possible, so they go with a row of diamonds on the band.

The Optional Ring Parts

There is one part of the ring most women don’t know to think about. That one thing is the prong. In many solitaire ring styles prongs hold the diamond in its setting. You can be cutting edge of style and keep with the popular engagement rings by choosing a double prong. The double prong looks like a little claw holding onto your gemstone on each corner.

Double prong on a ring looks like a cat claw.
Parisian 120 by Verragio Features a Double Prong

Shop with a fine Jeweler

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