Does Asking For A Prenup Mean He Doesn’t Love Me?

By: Kelly York

  A side view of the Liv engagement ring. Side View of Liv by ArtCarved Signing a prenup is very common these days. If you’ve been asked to sign a prenuptial agreement, you might be feeling betrayed. When he asks you to sign this document, does it mean that he really doesn’t love you? What should you do?


Let’s face it, not everyone stays married these days. Couples will fall in love and will be sure that their love will last forever. Most of them will stay married, but those who do not usually have quite the battle during the break up. A prenup takes the fury out of that situation. If you have an agreement on what is to happen in the unlikely event you break up then you will both be a lot more reasonable in the divorce. It could be, well, almost friendly. Don't let a prenup get in the way of your happy engagement. Baby Blue Diamonds #YQDP-8A by LeVian Jewelers

But Does He Love Me?

If your fiancé tells you his attorney has prepared a prenup he’d like you to review, it doesn’t mean he is any less in love with you than he was yesterday. He is being practical. Sure, he might be protecting his assets, but he is also protecting your assets. This agreement isn’t taking things away from you usually, it is spelling out what you are going to receive. Most prenups give generous sums of money to the about to be former wife. They also spell out what you’ll be keeping of the assets that you brought into the marriage, if state law doesn’t already cover that topic. Diamond engagement rings come in many styles like this one from Hearts on Fire. Aerial Petal Diamond Engagement Ring by Hearts on Fire Rest assured that if you are marrying a practical man that is very business minded, it is a good thing that he is thinking ahead. A man that is taking care of the potential future is also going to do a good job of taking care of you. Sure, it is treating the relationship as a business. Marriage is a partnership in many ways, financial included. Diamond bridal earrings designed by Hearts on Fire Heart Diamond Bridal Earrings Without Heart Cut Diamonds So, take the prenup to your own attorney to have him review it. If there is anything in there that isn’t fair to you in a divorce, he will get it changed. Attorneys will go back and forth a bit to work out the details before you get married, so that is fair to all involved. Then if years down the road the two of you decide it is over, you will both receive what you agreed upon when cooler heads prevailed.