By: Kelly York

Bridal ring sets and engagement rings from Hearts on Fire Hearts on Fire Engagement Rings Proposal for your Valentine! What are you going to do to propose marriage? What kind of ring should you use? How elaborate should you get with the proposal?


The proposal can be simple and elegant or huge with lots of people involved. If you are certain she is going to say yes, either a big proposal with all your friends helping is great and so is the smaller, romantic proposal that is just you and her. If there is any chance she is going to say no, or if you are unsure of what she’ll say then keep it small with the least amount of people involved. Nothing is worse than being kicked to curb and have it even more humiliating by having a crowd watching.

The Bonneroo Proposal

Clearly the couple have been together a long time and she wanted to marry her boyfriend. He had dozens of people give her flowers at Bonneroo while he was getting the ring out and getting positioned behind her. She didn’t know what was going on, but probably figured it was just one of those hippy trippy things that might happen at Bonneroo. When she turned, with both fists full of flowers, she saw him there on one knee. She stepped back in initial shock then came closer and said yes! Everyone cheered.

What if the Ring Doesn’t Fit?

Proposal Verragio Engagement Rings from Their Classic Collection When you are getting ready for the proposal, you will need a ring to offer up to her. It is extremely difficult to have the exact right ring for that memorable moment. Ben David Jewelers knows this and that is why they will let you bring the ring back if it isn’t the ring she wants. She can exchange it for one she does love or the Master Jeweler can get to work designing the ring she has in mind. If the ring she wants is actually at a different store, then Ben David Jewelers will refund your money and she can go buy that one.

Proposal Location

You can do your proposal anywhere! It is a good idea to get your buddies to help you or even your sisters and friends that are girls. They will likely have great ideas for your proposal and will even help you pull off that big plan. If you don’t want to involve them, then ask the sales staff at Ben David Jewelers. The girls in the store love helping with proposal plans more than anything! You’ll make their day if you ask them for some help. Plus, they can help you pick out that engagement ring you are going to need for when you get down on one knee.