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Prospective Groom Recruits 140-Person Marching Band for the Latest Over-the-Top Flash Mob Proposal

Flash-mob marriage proposals are getting bigger and more extravagant as prospective grooms are pulling out all the stops – creatively and financially – to win the hearts of their brides-to-be with memorable and romantic experiences that are destined to live on YouTube for all eternity.

The most recent flash mob proposal to catch our attention took place on June 9 in Bryant Park in New York City. Craig Jones, a 26-year-old financial consultant, told ABC News that he wanted his marriage proposal to Allison Leclaire, 29, “to be incredible.”  His proposal plan took four months to orchestrate.

ABC News reported that for about $9,000, Jones hired a dance company, arranged for the transportation of a 140-person New Jersey high school marching band and rented professional camera equipment so his friends could capture the event from all angles. He even assembled the parents and siblings from both sides of the family, with some traveling from as far as Rhode Island so they could be in on the fun.

Under the guise of partaking in a quiet lunch with her girlfriend, Leclaire was led to Bryant Park where she sat at a table for two and then watched the story unfold. First, a dance troop began a choreographed routine to Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel.” Then the dancers gave way to a huge high school marching band, which played “Would You Be My Girl” from the “Dirty Dancing” soundtrack.

Then Jones emerged from the pack of musicians wearing the full band regalia and approached Leclaire as hundreds looked on. “I didn’t know how to show you how much I love you, so a figured I’d bring some friends to show you how much I love you,” he said.

Jones got down on one knee and proposed with a diamond ring. The stunned bride-to-be said, “Yes.”

“I know Craig, and I know he doesn’t easily do things in a small way,” Leclaire, a textile designer, told ABC News. “Once I saw the flowers and the dancers I knew it was a proposal.” She said that she didn’t start to get emotional until the band began to play.

“It was overwhelming that it was all for me,” Leclaire said. “I really lost it when I saw our friends and family. I just started crying.”

The couple is planning a March 2013 wedding. The full video is below.

So what do you think, Ben David Jewelers’ fans?  Is an extravagant proposal your thing or do you want something more low key? Would you rather he spend the $9,000 on your ring or wedding vs. the proposal or is the memory worth every penny? Share with us on Facebook.

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