Purple Rings from Ben David Jewelers

Rings with pink diamonds are created by LeVian Jewelers.
A Pink and Purple Diamond Ring from Le Vian

Purple rings are so pretty, aren’t they? It doesn’t matter which type of purple they are. That blend of red and blue is just so soothing and feminine. A deep purple will stir the passions and a lighter one will remind you of lofty things, maybe even fairies.

Try this purple ring on at Ben David Jewelers.
Amethyst Cabochon Ring by Ben David Jewelers

Purple Rings with Amethyst

The most popular way to get purple rings is with the amethyst gemstone. This gem has a metaphysical meaning, as all gemstones do. For amethyst, the meanings range from protecting against drunkenness to preventing poisoning. The case can be made for that being one and the same. If you are looking to stay sober, maybe a purple ring with amethyst might be just the bravery you could use. But, not all purple stones are amethyst.

Diamond ring featuring colored diamonds including purple diamonds.
Purple, Green and Chocolate Diamond Ring

Another purple stone, one that not that many people know about it, is the purple diamond! Fancy diamonds come in a lot of colors, including purple. When you first see one you might assume it is amethyst, but with closer inspection you realize it looks a little different than that. A diamond has a special sort of clarity that you don’t see in the lesser gems.

You can shop for amethyst rings at Ben David Jewelers in Danville.
Onyx and Amethyst Purple Ring by Ben David Jewelers

And of course, there is always glass to make your purple rings. Chunks of glass are highly underrated. People enjoy a good splash of color and maybe even a little sparkle. You can usually get that with glass. One of the big benefits of glass is that you aren’t out a lot of money if you lose it. And of course, the purchase price is far lower than it would be for gems.

So Many Purple Rings

Ben David Jewelers in Danville, VA, carries a large line of purple rings. Many of those rings are made with amethyst, but some are also made with diamonds. Stop by today to browse and try on all of our pretty rings.

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