Some of the rarest diamond colors on earth.
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The Rarest Diamond Color on Earth

Diamond aficionados are always searching for the rarest diamond color. Diamonds come in numerous colors, not just the clear, white color – or rather – lack of color. You can find these glittery gems in dark brown, yellow, red, pink, blue, green and many shades in between. But, which color is the rarest and brings the biggest price tag?

Rarest Diamond Color

Diamonds in any one place of the world have a certain color their mines will specialize in producing. You might find yellow and deep brown diamonds in Africa, along with the colorless “white” diamonds. Australia is known for its pink diamonds and Southern Asia for its blue. South America will produce many green diamonds and Northern Asia mines produce a lot of purple. But, which of the diamonds are the rarest of them all?

Le Vian designs with many colors of diamonds.
Earrings with Red, Green and Purple Diamonds by Le Vian

The rarest of the fancy colored diamonds are the saturated pinks, greens and blues. The least rare are the yellows and browns. Judging value of the fancy colored diamonds is very different than grading the white diamonds. White diamonds are valued for their lack of color. Fancy colored diamonds are judged by their intensity of color, among other features.

Manmade Colors

In the case of black diamonds, they are usually enhanced by man. Natural black diamonds are usually treated so that they become green. A dark green diamond that is treated to be so dark that it appears to be black. You’ll need an expert grader in order to know whether your fancy colored diamond is natural or has been color treated.

Le Vian creates many beautiful jewelry pieces with colored diamonds.
Black and White Diamond Ring by Le Vian

Ben David Jewelers

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