Red Diamond Featured in Rings and Earrings by Le Vian

Red Diamond Featured In Rings And Earrings By Le Vian

By: Kelly York

Many rings, pendants and earrings contact a red diamond when Le Vian designs them. Fiery Red Diamond Pendant by Le Vian Jewelers The red diamond might be mistaken for a garnet or a ruby if the person is untrained. Many will see a red gemstone and just assume it is one of the other typically red gems. But some diamonds are red and come in many shades from light pink to deep blood red.

Red Diamond

A red diamond is a natural diamond, just like the colorless white diamond. There are no dyes or anything. They come right out of the ground with that beautiful red color! The famous Le Vian jewelry company uses many colored diamonds in their jewelry creations. They bring out the best of red diamonds by placing them next to other diamonds that compliment them. This ring features chocolate, white and red diamonds. Red Diamond Ring Designed by Le Vian Le Vian is a fine jewelry company that has been in business for hundreds of years. They were in charge of the jewelry of the King in Persia in the 1700s, and the family members were jewelers long before that. They have a rich history and still are one of the most talented jewelry designers of today. Pink diamonds are a light red diamond. Pink Diamond Ring by Le Vian Le Vian is famous for trademarking the “Chocolate Diamond.” The yellow and brown diamonds were considered worthless by diamond traders. So, all of those diamonds were sent to factories and diamond saw manufacturers. Diamonds are the hardest things known to man and a diamond saw can cut through just about anything. That was the only job of a brown diamond until Le Vian thought that women might like a chocolate looking gemstone. Today, women are now proudly wearing these gorgeous gemstones. This colored diamond earring pair is LeVian item #SUSH6. Firey Red Diamond Earrings by LeVian

Where to Buy Colored Diamonds

Ben David Jewelers stocks the Le Vian jewelry creations. It is here you can see all the different rings, pendants, bracelets, earring and ring created with all sorts of colors of diamonds, including many with a red diamond.