Red, White and Blue Earrings Bring Good Luck to Olympian Aly Raisman and the U.S. Gymnastics Team

When the U.S. woman’s gymnastic team dominated the Russians to win a gold medal in the team competition on Tuesday, Olympian Aly Raisman was wearing a sparkling pair of red, white and blue earrings for good luck.

In fact, since heading to London for The Games, the 18-year-old team captain from Massachusetts has rarely taken them off. She’s wore them when she qualified for her all-around final, during pre-Olympic interviews and even during her Sports Illustrated cover shoot.

The earrings were created by her hometown jeweler, who earlier in the week promised matching pairs for each of Raisman’s teammates if they brought home the gold. The simple, but stunning, design should be a fashion hit across the country as patriotic and fashionable fans of the team show their support.

You can be sure that Raisman will be wearing them again on Thursday as she competes in the all-around competition. “I love the patriotism look,” Raisman told Boston’s Channel 7 News.

Raisman’s affection for jewelry sparked a number of bloggers, tweeters and journalists to discuss why some athletes seem to be allowed to wear jewelry during Olympic events and others are not.

It turns out that the Olympic Committee has no formal rules about the subject. Instead, the governing body of each sport sets its own rules. For example, there is a no-bling rule for volleyball players, but gymnasts may wear earrings as long as they are simple studs (one in each ear).

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