Ring Size Problem Resolved at Ben David Jewelers

Ring Size Problem Resolved At Ben David Jewelers

By: Kelly York

Finger Mate Adjustable Ring Size. Your ring size doesn’t need to be a big struggle. A lot of people have knuckles that are not easy to fit with rings. But, today there is a solution. You don’t have to give up wearing rings.

Ring Size

The problem is that there seems to be no way to get a good ring size for a large knuckle. If you purchase a ring that is large enough to pass over the knuckle then it is far too big on the finger below the knuckle. It’ll spin around and is very loose. There is some help at Ben David Jewelers for this very problem. True Romance engagement ring at Ben David Jewelers Ben David Jeweler's Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring Sometimes, the large knuckle is just a temporary problem. Possibly there is an arthritis problem that is making joints swell, or maybe the humidity. In these types of situations, changing your diet to one that avoids dairy and nightshade vegetables might reduce the swelling of arthritis. If it is humidity causing the swelling then speak with your doctor about salt in your diet and other possible solutions. If there are no easy, quick remedies for the knuckle being too large and it appears to be a permanent issue then ask about Finger Mate Adjustable Ring Sizers at Ben David Jewelers in Danville, VA.   The engagement ring from LeVian Jewelers is sold by Ben David Jewelers Gold Ring with Sea Blue Aquamarine, Vanilla and Blueberry Diamonds by Le Vian

Finger Mate Adjustable Ring Sizers

Finger Mate is a little device that expands your ring so that it can pass over the knuckle. Once the ring is in place on the finger, you can reduce the ring size for a perfect fit. This little device needs to be installed on your ring at Ben David Jewelers. It will give you the ability to finally wear your engagement ring every day, just like everyone else. Don’t let this issue with ring size keep you from wearing your engagement ring or wedding band. There is finally a solution at Ben David Jewelers. Stop by today to have the sales staff show you how it works.