A Ring Size Chart Helps to Get Just the Right Fit

A Ring Size Chart Helps To Get Just The Right Fit

By: Kelly York

Pictured above is a ring size chart that will help you decide what size of a ring to purchase. The chart makes it a lot easier than guessing your size. It is a helpful tool, especially if you are shopping online.

Ring Size Chart

This ring size chart is easy enough to use. Your first step is to print out a paper ruler from the Internet. It is best to use a ruler that is marked in millimeters, not inches. You will get a far better accuracy by using millimeters to measure your ring size. How much to spend on engagement ring that is classic in style Verragio Classic Engagement Ring, Model 926R7 The next step is to cut out your ruler and wrap it around your finger. You need to measure your knuckle tightly and not where your ring will sit on the finger. The reason is that your new ring must be able to slide over the knuckle in order to get it to the usual ring area of the finger. If the ring you’re going to buy is for the upper portion of your finger (that is above the knuckle) then measure just that area. This is the same for the toes. The toe pad is very fleshy and it is easy to squish it to allow the ring to pass over it. A diamond white gold bands makes for an unconventional engagement ring. Zelda Diamond Band as an Engagement Ring by ArtCarved Once you have your measurement in millimeters, find that number on the chart and you will have your ring size. This measurement will be for a normal size width of ring. If your new ring is going to be a very wide width then you will need to go a little bit larger. Wider rings are more difficult to get on.

Ben David Jewelers

Stop by Ben David Jewelers any time and we’ll be happy to help you with finding your exact size with our ring size chart. If you need your new ring to fit exactly right, have yourself sized by a professional at Ben David Jewelers.