Ring Size Charts Help in A Pinch

Ring Size Charts Help In A Pinch

By: Kelly York

Ring size charts aren’t ideal or the most precise method of measuring a finger for jewelry, but it can certainly assist. Ideally, ring sizes will always be determined by a jewelry professional in the store. However, we’ve experienced various occasions when a ring needs resizing and the recipient or owner simply can’t make the trip. Promise rings are a lot more modest than an engagement ring. Promise Ring with a diamond.

What is a Ring-Size Chart?

A ring-size chart contains drawing of circular shapes that mimic the various sizes of rings. Obviously this contains quite a few sizes, as most sizing is determined by an eighth of an inch. Many websites now carry copies of these charts that one can print from a home printer. From there, you can cut out the ring size that appears to be the closest to the fit by sight and see if it fits around the finger. This can give a good indication of size, as long as you realize the ring may still require additional adjustments. Between inaccurate paper cutting, adjustments for knuckle sizes and other factors, you have to consider this a directional measurement. This diamond wedding band from ArtCarved can be used as an anniversary ring. Phoebe Diamond Wedding Band in Rose Gold If you’d like a backup to a printed ring-size chart, find some kite string. Yes, a piece of ordinary string can help determine ring size as well. Wrap the string around the largest part of the finger on which you will wear the ring. Mark the point of overlap with a marker and head back online. Additional ring size charts exist that converts linear inches into ring sizes. A ring-size chart can offer an option if you can’t have a finger professional sized. When at all possible though, we encourage you to visit us at Ben David Jewelers for an exact sizing. We can determine a measurement for your ring while guiding you on anything from selection to resizing options.