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Romantic or Monstrous? Pilot Pretends Plane Is in Trouble to Add Spice to Marriage Proposal

In a marriage proposal that blurs the line between monstrous and romantic, the pilot of a two-seat private plane faked an emergency while showing his girlfriend the Chicago skyline to add some spice to an airborne marriage proposal.

With a hidden camera capturing all the action, pilot Ryan Thompson simulated the loss of flight controls and dove the plane as a ruse to have his girlfriend, Carlie Kennedy, read his doctored emergency checklist.

The clearly distressed Kennedy is seen the video reading through a short list of what to do in the event of “Unresponsive Flight Controls.” The last item says, “IF NEEDED, CONDUCT RING ENGAGEMENT PROCEDURE.”

On the next page of the checklist, the Ring Engagement Procedure is outlined: “Determine if he is a good mate. Note: He will always love and honor you.”

The checklist ends with this request: “Answer: Will you marry me?”

The misery instantly turns to elation as Kennedy realizes she’s been tricked and Thompson pulls a ring from his pocket. “Well, you got me,” she says after accepting his proposal.

“I genuinely did believe that we were going to die,” Kennedy told ABC News. “I felt like our lives depended on me making it through that checklist.”

The four-minute video documenting the proposal has gone viral, with more than 1.38 million views on YouTube and countless comments in the blogosphere. Some have complimented Thompson on his creativity. Others are calling him cruel and sadistic.

“At that moment, I genuinely thought something was wrong with the plane, and that we were going to crash,” Kennedy recounted in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times.

Was she upset that her fiancé put her on such an emotional roller coaster? “I was never angry, not even for a second,” she told the Sun-Times, but added, “I told him, and my mom told him, no more surprises for now.”

Here’s the video…

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