You can use our gold calculator to figure out the value of your jewelry.

Scrap Gold Calculator Calculates Cash Amount For Your Gold

You can use our scrap gold calculator link below to figure out how much cash your scrap gold can generate.

Scrap Gold Calculator

Click to see the Ben David Jewelers gold calculator. This popup will take you to our calculator that gives you the spot price for gold and for other precious metals. This price is in ounces and it is for pure gold (24K). This gives you a general idea what your gold is worth.

When Ben David Jewelers purchases your old gold jewelry or other gold, they do charge a small commission. So, if you have 24K gold, the cash you receive for your gold will be a little less than the amount shown.

Rose gold is available for engagement rings and wedding bands.
Diamond Wedding Bands by Hearts on Fire

Of course, 8k, 10k, 14k gold jewelry is not pure gold. You will be paid only for the pure gold amount in the jewelry.

The math of gold can be rather daunting. Feel free to drop by any time during normal business hours and bring the gold you have for sale. We’ll be happy to weight it for you and test it to see the amount of pure gold in your gold. You will be given a quote for how much cash your scrap gold will bring.

Hearts on Fire creates diamond engagement rings and diamond pendants.
Hearts on Fire Pendants

Ben David Jewelers

Ben David Jewelers is a fine jeweler that uses gold in the many custom designed rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings that we make. So, we need to purchase gold all the time. Of course, we’d prefer to purchase gold from locals in the general area as a community service. We know that sometimes a person will grow tired of an old ring or other jewelry or need some cash urgently. We make no judgements on why you’re selling. We’re just happy to help you out and obtain gold for our jewelry making and repairs. So, use our scrap gold calculator or just drop by to receive a fair, honest quote on what your gold is worth.