Sea Pearls are Beautiful Treasures

Sea Pearls Are Beautiful Treasures

By: Kelly York

There are several types of pearls that are available to jewelers. Colored Sea Pearls Sea pearls are available in wild caught and cultured. The cultured pearls are far less expensive, of course, because every mollusk has a pearl. With pearls that occur with no help from man, a lot of mollusks must be killed and opened to find good pearls. So, cultured sea pearls can be offered for a lower price.

Sea Pearls

Sea Pearls are mostly thought of as being from the South Sea. There are the white and golden sea pearls from the South Sea and Tahitian South Sea pearls. But there are also the saltwater Akoya pearls from Japan. All of these pearls are renown for their luster, color, size and beauty.

Tahitian South Sea Pearls

Tahitian pearls are sea pearls with deep, dark color. Tahitian Pearls The Tahitian sea pearls are famous for their exotic colors. If you are looking for larger pearls in colors like black, green, peacock, blue and eggplant then the Tahitian is the best choice for you. The Tahitian pearl is created by the Pinctada oyster. This oyster is found only in Tahiti.

South Sea Pearls

Golden South Sea Pearls Golden South Sea Pearls These white and golden pearls are the South Sea pearls. They are made by the silver lipped or golden lipped oyster in the Philippines, Australia and Indonesia. The South Sea pearls are the most valuable pearls and the hardest to find.

Japanese Akoya Pearls

Akoya pearls were the first cultured pearls. Akoya Pearls from Japan The Akoya pearls were the first pearls to be cultured. They are created by oysters in the sea, but they have had a little bit of shell inserted in them to start a pearl. These oysters wrap the insert up and make a pearl, just like they do in nature when anything that has invaded their body. The pearls come in colors like white, pink and cream colors.

Pearl Shopping

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