Silver Bangles Bracelets Available in Danville VA

Silver Bangles Bracelets Available In Danville VA

By: Kelly York

Alex and Ani bracelet bangles are a great gift. Get Mom Silver Bangles Bracelets from Alex & Ani Silver bangles bracelets are sold by Ben David Jewelers in Danville, VA. The fine jewelry store carries the Alex and Ani brand of bangles. They have a huge selection of this very popular designer brand.

Silver Bangles Bracelets

Alex and Ani designer jewelry brand makes the most popular bangles bracelets. They come in a variety of metals, not just sterling silver. Most of their bangles give you a choice of the metal finish you’d like. They have numerous styles and collections to choose from. You can mix and match from any of the collections because they all look great together. Mother's day collection of Alex and Ani bracelets. Alex & Ani silver bangles

New Collections

Bangle bracelets celebrating the US Military. American Hero Bangle Bracelets There are a couple of new collections of silver bangles bracelets from Alex and Ani. You can celebrate our soldiers with the new American Heroes collection. There are six different sterling silver bangles to choose from that represent each of the American armed forces. Alex and Ani Pursuit of Persephone Bangles Bracelets.Also new right now is the Pursuit of Persephone collection. This collection is a celebration of springtime and the romantic story told in the book by Cara Reichel. This is the story of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s love for Ginevra King while attending Princeton University. Alex and Ani came up with a series of flowers to represent the passion that Fitzgerald had for Ginevra.

Finding Alex & Ani Bracelets

Ben David Jewelers in Danville, VA, carries the Alex and Ani brand of sterling silver bangles bracelets. They stay well stocked because this is probably the most popular bangle sold in the US. The company is loved and the bracelets are loved even more for their fine quality and beautiful, spiritual designs. When you stop by Ben David Jewelers to browse, be sure to ask if there is a current Alex and Ani special running for their fun bracelets.