Soldier to Soldier

Earlier this week, America celebrated Veterans Day. For many of our customers and friends, this day reverberates to their souls. Many have served in wars to defend our country, and many have kept the home fires burning while their loved ones fought far away.

Ben David supports the fund raising and awareness campaign called Soldier to Soldier. By selling designer versions of the bracelets American and allied soldiers wear in Afghanistan and Iraq, we help raise money for veterans’ organizations.

Why do soldiers wear so-called survival bracelets? In the field, soldiers use parachute cord to braid bracelets. If they wind up in desperate circumstances, they can unravel the bracelets and use the cord for many purposes. Friends in the field exchange these bracelets as tokens of camaraderie. They use uniform buttons as fasteners. Some say each knot in the bracelet represents a fallen hero.

Our designer version closes with a uniform button-shaped silver clasp. Or you can get a clasp with a heart and small diamond. Contact us for more information about special edition versions.

You can help raise money for veterans by purchasing our Soldier to Soldier jewelry. Here are a few other things you can do to help and honor veterans:

  • Thank a veteran. Let the veterans in your life know that you appreciate their sacrifice.


  • Visit a cemetery and tidy up a veteran’s grave. Perhaps one of your own, or a neglected veteran.


  • Consider volunteering for a veterans’ group. Veterans from recent wars could use your love, kindness and skills.


  • Find a military pen pal. Many pen pal services will match you up with a soldier in the field who would appreciate your friendship and encouragement.
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