Sterling Silver Pendant Lockets and Charms with Gemstones


Silver lockets you can design in the Four Keeps line
Four Keeps Pendant Lockets with Gemstones

When silver is what you love and you’re looking for an unusual pendant, our new Four Keeps line is for you. Four Keeps features sterling silver lockets with gemstones, plus you can design your own look by adding beautiful topaz charms to the pendant locket. You get to have your very own, unique sterling silver gemstone locket that reflects your unique personality.

Silver and Pendants

Sterling silver is just beautiful on its own, but when combined with just the right gemstones then it is out of this world gorgeous. What makes these lockets so unique is that the pendant is a gemstone that will take charms. You get to design your own pendant by adding as many charms to it that you like. In the end, the locket that you design will reflect symbols of everything that you love. The locket necklace has a genuine mother of pearl back and a 20” Sterling Silver chain.

Gemstone Charms

Four Keeps charms with natural topaz, garnet and other gemstones
Charms with Natural Gemstones

The selection of the Four Keeps charms covers just about everything you could imagine you might want. Plus there are variations in metal color, with gemstones or without. If the main stone of topaz is not your favorite, some of the charms have spinel, garnet or tourmaline instead. As far as materials to choose from, there are numerous style options in many of the charms so that you get to choose exactly what you want.

The charm styles include letters and numbers, of course, but also the world’s most popular symbols from ancient times to modern day. You will also get to choose from pets to people to the year or “Nana.” Don’t worry about having to choose only one charm. Your silver pendant will fit many charms!

Silver Gifts

If it is time to get a gift for a loved one’s birthday who loves silver or your anniversary then the Four Keeps natural gemstone locket will allow you to design something very special just for her. You can include gemstone charms that represent the biggest loves in her life. It will be a gift she will treasure always.

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