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Are you passionate about jewelry? Do you cruise gem shows, soaking up the lore of your favorite stones? Been trying on your mother’s jewels since the age of two? See how you do on this quiz which tests both scientific and metaphysical knowledge of some of the world’s most precious stones. If you score well, reward yourself with your favorite gem from Ben David!

1. This soft gem is made of calcium carbonate, and measures only 2.5 to 4 on the Mohs hardness scale. You’ll find it in Australia, Japan, the Persian Gulf, the Indian Ocean, and the Isthmus of Panama. In India it’s called “The Divine Mother.” Therapeutically, this gem can be used to stabilize and enhance your inner radiance.

A. Pearl

B. Amber

C. Citrine

D. Tanzanite

Rubies are popular crown and scepter toppers for royals.

2. This variety of corundum rates 9 on the Mohs scale, so is a good choice for rings. It comes from Southeast Asia, Australia, and Sri Lanka. According to gem lore, this stone prolongs an attachment, so you should remove one if you’re going through a divorce. It inspires the wearer’s thirst for truth and justice. Libras find this stone enhances their spiritual search. Is it:

A. Emerald

B. Ruby

C. Sapphire

D.  Topaz

 3.  This member of the quartz family measures 7 on the hardness scale. It’s found in England, Brazil, Madagascar and Spain. This invigorating stone can spur people to action, inspiring artists to create and warriors to conquer. Geminis better understand their sometimes contradictory needs when wearing this stone.

A.  Amethyst

B. Garnet

C. Citrine

D.  Blue Topaz

Some folks believe that wearing amethysts protects them from drunkenness.



4. This gem has long been associated with vision. Wear it as a pendant or put a small piece in the corners of your glasses and see if your vision improves. Composed of aluminum silicate and beryllium, miners unearth this gem in Colombia, Pakistan, South Africa, India, Brazil and the Ural Mountains of Russia. This stone helps indecisive Cancers make up their minds.

A. Citrine

B. Diamond

C. Mystic Topaz

D. Emerald

5. This type of corundum can work the wearer into a passion. Considered an aphrodisiac, this gem hails from Norway, Tanzania, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia. Sucking on this stone helps you eloquently proclaim your love. But for those who are naturally aggressive, this stone can fire up bad tempers.

A.  Ruby

B.  Garnet

C. Sapphire

D.  Diamond

Citrines energize you like miniature suns.

Answers: 1 A; 2 C; 3 C; 4 D; A

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