The Price of Diamonds: How Is It Determined?

The Price Of Diamonds: How Is It Determined?

By: Kelly York

This HOF diamond reflects the price of diamonds in it's clarity. Hearts on Fire Destiny Twist Solitaire Engagement ring The price of diamonds may seem like a complicated thing, but it’s really very simple to understand. If you’re shopping for an engagement ring for your special someone, you’ve probably received quite the education about diamonds, already. But now it’s time to find out exactly what you’re paying for when you buy a diamond.


Despite what you may think, diamonds come in nearly every color. The most common color is one with a slight yellowness to them. The color of a diamond is ranked on a scale that starts with D as a completely colorless diamond and ends with Z, which denotes a diamond that is naturally yellow. A colorless diamond is going to be the most expensive and then the price goes down from there.


The price of a diamond is also impacted by the cut of the diamond. Skilled craftsman cut diamonds by hand and must determine what the best cut is to bring out the best of each diamond. A completely colorless diamond can be ruined by a poor or ineffective cut. The proper cut will reflect the light that enters it through the top,will also have facets that are symmetrical, proper proportions and exquisite finishing details.


Inclusions can be the death sentence of a diamond’s quality, and is a factor that will impact price as well. Inclusions can take the form of scratches, tiny flaws or trace minerals that cause imperfections in the facets of the diamond – or the way it reflects light. Yellow gold engagement ring is a very pretty ring by ArtCarved Bridal. Briana Diamond Engagement Ring by ArtCarved Bridal

Carat: The Biggest Factor in the Price of  Diamonds

A carat denotes the weight of a stone, and the higher the carat the more expensive the diamond will be. This is the biggest factor that will influence the price of diamonds you buy. If you have any questions about the price of diamonds and any of the factors listed above, speak to the trusted jewelers at Ben David Jewelers today.