Triton rings offer rugged scratch resistance.

Triton Rings for That Tough Guy in Your Life

Triton rings are specifically designed for the active, tough guy. Guys who are always working on their car or motorcycle, rock climbing, landscaping or doing other laborious tasks with their hands are very hard on rings. It is these men that will have a very scratched up and dented wedding band. You can have it repaired, but within a week the ring is in bad shape again. Triton came up for a solution to the ring problem for tough guys.

Triton Rings

Triton rings are made from some really tough materials that are perfect for the man with the rugged lifestyle. Triton offers various metals that have different ways to protect the ring. You can choose which material fits your guy best.

Unique wedding rings like this one from Triton.
Tungsten Carbide Comfort Fit Band #11-2094

Tungsten Carbide TC.850

Tungsten Carbide is 18 times harder than 18K gold and provides a high level of scratch resistance. This metal has a lustrous, deep grey color, but is available in white, black, grey, yellow and rose.


TungstenAIR is also highly resistant to scratches, but it is about a third lighter than Tungsten Carbide. It is naturally a grey color, but is available in white and black.

Sterling Silver

Copper is added to pure silver at 7.5% to toughen up the metal. Pure silver is too soft for jewelry, so the addition of the hypoallergenic copper is necessary. It offers some scratch resistance.


Titanium offers some scratch resistance and is light weight and strong. This is the metal of choice for sportsmen. It is offered in white and black colors.


Cobalt offers low scratch resistance, but is light weight and tarnish resistant. This metal is naturally white.

Triton unique wedding rings made from various metals.
Tough Wedding Rings by Triton

Where to Purchase Triton Rings

Triton rings are available for the active guy at Ben David Jewelers in Danville, VA.