Tungsten Wedding Bands Pros And Cons

By: Kelly York

Triton unique wedding rings made from various metals. Tungsten Wedding Bands by Triton There are a lot of tungsten wedding bands pros and cons to consider when you’re shopping for your wedding bands. There are also some myths circulating on the Internet that simply are not true. So, go shopping educated about these rings. Here are a few pointers.

Tungsten Wedding Bands Pros and Cons

One of the reasons that tungsten wedding bands are so popular is that they don’t bend, making them one of the best rings that hold up over time. Unfortunately, the fact that they don’t bend easily is a downside to the metal. You cannot resize them. So, if you lose a lot of weight and the ring becomes loose, re-sizing your tungsten wedding band is not as easy as a quick bend by the jeweler. Unique Wedding Bands designed by Triton. Triton Model #22-4927 You need to purchase your tungsten wedding bands from a reputable fine jeweler. Of course, you should do your homework and shop only at a reputable jeweler no matter what you’re buying. You will save money in the long run and purchasing tungsten is no different. Some tungsten is made with cobalt which will corrode over time leaving brown marks on your finger. Make sure you purchase a quality tungsten that is made with a nickel alloy and manufactured by a well-known brand.   The rumor circulating that a tungsten wedding band cannot be removed in case of an emergency is just a myth. Emergency personnel have ring cutters that will shatter the ring to free the finger. Triton uses rugged materials to make unique men's wedding bands. Triton Wedding Band #11-2062T One of the biggest complaints about gold wedding bands is that they get so scratched up with a man’s active life. The ring is quickly all dented up and scratched. This is not the case with a tungsten wedding band. You can be as hard on it or as careless at you like and that ring will still look beautifully polished.

Ben David Jewelers

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