Types of Diamonds You Can Use for Your Center Gemstone

Types Of Diamonds You Can Use For Your Center Gemstone

By: Kelly York

There are a lot of types of diamonds you can use for the center gemstone in your engagement ring. Diamonds come in variousf colors naturally, not just the clear white ones. If you have a favorite color and dare to be different then choosing a fancy colored diamond might be the perfect choice for you.

Types of Diamonds

Everyone is familiar with the white diamond. It is crystal clear, sparkly and the most common gemstone used in engagement rings, but what about the other types of diamonds and colored ones? The colored diamonds are called fancy color diamonds and come in a large variety of colors and shades. The rarest are the saturated pink, blue and green. But, as with all colored diamonds, the deeper the color the more sought after and valuable it is. Ring sizing is important. Red and White Diamond Ring by Le Vian Fancy color diamonds are real diamonds, just like white diamonds. They come out of the earth with that color. However, they are sometimes treated to deepen their color. Green diamonds are a color that is always first considered treated and proven to not be later. Because of the rarity of a deep, emerald type color in this diamond, it is usually treated to get that color. The model number for this fancy color diamond ring is ZUEL-1. Blue Diamond Engagement Ring by Le Vian Purely pink diamonds are extremely rare. You aren’t likely to see one in the average fine jeweler’s shop. If you have your heart set on romantic pink, you’ll likely need to go with a blueish pink or a reddish pink instead.

Grading of Colored Diamonds

Fancy colored diamonds have their own grading system that is different from the white diamond system. For instance, quality of color is judged on its color, not the lack of it. If you are hoping to have a beautiful colored diamond for your engagement ring, stop by Ben David Jewelers and we’ll show you all of the fancy colored diamonds that work well in settings.