Ultimate Case for the New iPad Mini Is Bedecked in 3,328 Blue Sapphires and 50 White Diamonds

Apple’s newest sensation – the iPad Mini – goes on sale Friday, and for a mere $329 you can be one of the first on your block to own this powerful, pint-sized tablet computer.

For an extra $700,000 you can purchase the ultimate accessory for your new tech toy – an 18-karat white gold case bedecked in 3,328 natural Ceylon blue sapphires weighing a total of 599 carats. Emblazoned on the center of the case is the iconic Apple logo encrusted with 50 round white diamonds weighing an additional 5 carats.

The Natural Sapphire Company – the same firm that in August revealed a $100,000 gem-covered case for the iPhone 5 – will be happy to customize your shiny, new iPad Mini case. Perhaps a ruby-outlined monogram beneath the logo would suit you?

Making her case for the over-the-top accessory, a blogger for the Natural Sapphire Company posted the following: “Don’t be just another drone on your hour-long commute fitting snugly in with the steel grey of our technological society. Be different, be unique… be conspicuously and resplendently beautiful!!!

The new iPad Mini is Apple’s answer to Google’s Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire. The Mini is 7.87 inches tall and 5.3 inches wide, compared with the full-size iPad, which is 9.5 inches by 7.31 inches. Despite its small size, the iPad Mini is a multifunctional powerhouse, as users will be able to take pictures, surf the Web, play videos, read books and listen to music on a super light, pancake thin, exquisitely designed device.

According to reports, Apple is so confident in the initial success of the iPad Mini that 10 million units are ready to ship.

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