Wedding Bells Ring At Danville Jewelry Store

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Wedding bells ring at Danville jewelry store

Ben David weddings

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Barbra and Ricky Mays Sr. eat cake after renewing their vows at Ben David Jewlers.

Published: February 14, 2011

Michelle and Chris Sain now claim Valentine’s Day as their day after marrying in front of their family inside Ben David Jewelers on Monday.

“I love you,” Michelle said again after the ceremony.

“Aww,” Chris said, smiling and kissing his wife, “I love you, too.”

Michelle Turner and Chris Sain of Cascade started dating more than four years ago as freshmen at Tunstall High School. For Michelle, it was love at first sight and they got engaged more than a year and a half ago.

The 18-year-olds planned to marry this year no matter what. Originally, they planned to go to a judge, but found a better deal as Ben David Jewelers hosted free weddings all day Monday.

Michelle said it doesn’t matter if marrying on Valentine’s Day is “cliché.”

“It’s our day,” she said.

Moms Darlene Turner and Ada Sain both teared up as their children walked down the jewelry aisle and said their vows.

Both pairs of parents said they could see themselves in the young couple as they also fell in love and married young.

The Turners will celebrate 25 years together this year. The Sains will celebrate 18 years.

“They’re two great kids,” Turner said.

Leon David, co-owner of Ben David Jewelers, and his wife Jackie also renewed their vows in the store Monday. They’ll celebrate 30 years this year.

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