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After the Engagement:
He proposed.  She said yes.  Now what?

This month we want to tackle an incredibly important wedding planning topic: photography.  This crucial element is one that can make or break your day and impact how your wedding is remembered for generations to come!  Here are a few tips from The Knot on top shots to take and major photography mistakes to avoid. Following these will allow you to have a stress-free day and have beautiful lasting memories:
While The Knot suggests 50 top shots to have, our most important takeaway is to plan ahead before your big day and know what shots you like.  Creating a list of “must-have” shots for your photographer can help guide them through your day and ensure you’re getting every shot you want.  A great idea is to appoint a trusted friend – one who is organized and comfortable being assertive – with the wedding day responsibility to make sure these shots are taken.  Choose someone (a bridesmaid maybe) who can have your list of don’t miss shots on your wedding day on hand.  They can make sure the photographer covers all of them and can help keep other family members or friends on track and available when you need them for the various shots. Here are a few of our favorites of the Top 50:
  • Black and white action photos – create timeless glamour
  • The “in between” moments – showcase the downtime when no one is looking
  • The wedding shoes photo – stack your rings on the heel for an interesting shot
  • The wedding rings photo  – capture on your hands and displayed on their own
  • The big picture shot – have a panoramic view of the ceremony
Even though it’s important to know what you want and like going into your wedding day, there are also some items to keep in mind in order to avoid the Top 20 Wedding Mistakes:
  • Plan a schedule ahead of time with your photographer and stick to it
  • Avoid photographers who insist on spending too much time on strict photo shots that can take you away from other elements during the day:  Find a photographer whose philosophy is to integrate the photography into the day and not have just an exclusive and separate “photo session”.
  • Remember to include shots of the details, as sometimes these little elements make for the best and most memorable photos.   Does your dress have intricate beading or did you give away unique party favors?  These are items to focus on so you’ll remember them and show them off years later!
  • Try not to “pose”.  The best photos usually come from the moments where you’re acting naturally.
The best way to avoid these pitfalls and many more is to do your research when looking for a photographer.  Start early, interview several, check with references, and make sure that you and the photography team connect.  A great connection with a photographer will create the groundwork for capturing memories that will last a lifetime!
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