Wedding rings from Verragio.

Wedding Rings from Affordable Designers

Wedding rings are available from a lot of top designers in a great variety of affordable price ranges. Ben David Jewelers makes it a point to carry bridal jewelry and wedding bands that cater to their clientele in all budgets.

Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are expensive rings. But there are many ways to save if your budget is very tight.

One Ring Ceremony

There are many cultures that use only one ring in the ceremony. The bride will wear a ring and the groom does not. The groom is typically given another valuable gift of jewelry that he can wear or the gift to the groom idea is passed over entirely.

Rose gold wedding bands are enjoyed by men also.
Rose Gold Wedding Band by ArtCarved

Choose a Plain Gold Band

If you choose plain gold bands, you can save a lot. A plain gold band does not indicate you can’t afford an expensive ring. Many traditions require the couple to be modest in their wedding rings and a plain gold band is expected.

Local Jeweler Brands

A ring that is from the collection of the store brand where you are shopping is a way to save a few thousand dollars. Your wedding bands are beautifully designed, but are without the famous brand name.

Rose Gold Wedding Bands from Hearts on Fire
Hearts on Fire Choices in Rose Gold Wedding Bands

Upgrade Later

Some couples go very inexpensive on their wedding bands when they first marry. There are a lot of expenses from the wedding and setting up their new home together. Later down the road they will purchase more elaborate wedding rings. A special anniversary is a good time to do this.

Ben David Jewelers

Ben David Jewelers can help you pick out beautiful wedding rings that are in your budget range. Their bridal boutique is one of the largest in the city and stocked full of many famous jewelry designers and their own store brand. Stop by today and we’ll help you browse.