Wedding Vows – Personalization or Personal Torture?

Wedding Vows – Personalization Or Personal Torture?

By: Kelly York

Enjoy writing your wedding vows under the sparkly light of one of these diamond engagement rings. Diamond Engagement Rings from Hearts on Fire   Your wedding vows serve as a direct conversation to your partner about your commitment. It just so happens that you undertake this conversation before dozens or hundreds of your closest friends. This turns a few intimate sentences into a fearful, sweaty nightmare for many.

Wedding Vows – Traditional or Personal?

Your wedding vow selection might prove limited if you’re holding your ceremony in a house of worship. Vows approved from religious text or traditional ceremony orders may not only be the norm, but the only vows allowed. Still, it’s always a good idea to discuss this with your officiant. You may assume a traditional vow – or a certain version of traditional vows – will be used, but the altar is not the place to learn otherwise. Ben David Jewelers stocks bridal jewelery created by the Le Vian company. LeVian Bridal Sets LV-YPFF20 If your venue does allow flexibility in vow text, a great decision lies before you. Should you write your own vows? Many couples see this as the ultimate personal reflection of their love. It scares others to death. Either way, make certain you both feel the same way about this option. While you might like the concept, is it worth filling your partner with anxiety and dread on such a happy day? Ben David Jewelers has an estate case where you'll find vintage diamond wedding bands. Vintage Diamond Wedding Band by Ben David Jewelers Finally, there is a middle ground between the traditional and personal vows. No one says that the traditional vows must be from your historic tradition. Many couples closely relate to passages of literature and translate them into vows. Still others find beauty in the words of other religions. It shouldn’t matter if you were raised in a particular faith or not. If you both feel Hindu vows or a Native American passage speak to your love, use them. Wedding vows, in the end, are your personal oath to your partner. They certainly deserve as much consideration as does your cake frosting. When you stop by Ben David Jewelers to purchase bridesmaid gifts, ask the salesperson if she has some advice. Our staff loves to discuss wedding plans with our customers.